VR/AR Jumpstart


want to jumpstart your entry into VR and AR? Drop us a line to learn more.

One week. One great idea. One prototype to sell upstairs.

As we talk to potential clients, one thing has become increasingly clear -- for budgets to be approved, the folks controlling the pocketbooks need to see something. And because VR is in its infancy, there’s sometimes not much to see that aligns with what a brand is trying to create. To address this problem, we’ve created the VR/AR Jumpstart -- a one week crash course where we embed in your office, help you target a problem, put together creative and a script or user flow, and then make a rough demo for user testing. We’ll leave you with something that can be shared internally to get buy in to build out a real project from there.

Day one: Pinpoint the goals and brainstorm solutions. You bring us your biggest challenge or best outcome for a situation, and we’ll help you figure out how VR or AR can serve as the solution within your budget guidelines.

Day two: Drill down. We’ll focus on the creative and script or user flow of the experience. By the end of the day, we’ll have a rough treatment ready to build or shoot.

Day three: Round up all your colleagues who want to relive their high school theater glory days! We’ll shoot a rough version at your office or another location to make sure what we’re envisioning actually translates. For AR projects, we’ll build a mock version using pre-built objects with one of our prototyping software partners.

Day four: Development day.

Day five: User testing. We’ll help you walk a series of testers through the experience and gather feedback.

We’ll give you all the tools you need to get internal buy-in and the ability to create a more polished and functional experience.