Why VR/AR for Training?


why train soft skills in virtual and augmented reality?

Training in virtual reality is the next best thing to training in real life. 

In many situations, it is not feasible to train in the real world. In others, VR training can shorten the training cycle, getting employees out in the field and producing results more quickly.

When compared with traditional training methods, virtual reality has a 75% increase in learning quality and retention.

Students learning tai chi broke into two groups, half using VR to learn and half using traditional methods. When tested afterwards, the group that trained in VR performed with 25% higher accuracy than the other group.

After training in VR, construction workers not only outscored a control group who used traditional methods in tests a day later, they far outscored them in tests a month later.

Training in VR can save time and money when compared to current training methods.