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Soft skills are becoming increasingly important in the new marketplace, and very few organizations are training employees in a standardized, scaleable, immersive fashion. In-person workshops are expensive and time-consuming, not to mention finite - if someone happens to be out sick or stuck on a project that day, they miss it. And human trainers vary in quality -- even the best have off days. Practicing with teammates or classmates raises the uncanny valley problem; while you might be pretending to deal with an angry customer or irate parent, you know that it’s your colleague just reading lines.

Video training has its own set of problems. In our short attention span universe, someone watching and absorbing a video, even one with some interactivity, is a tough sell. Virtual reality, on the other hand, completely immerses the user, and the results are astonishing, with 40% reductions in training time and 70% performance improvement.

If you are curious about how to get started, this workshop will help you take your first steps. We’ll answer common questions, address potential concerns, and provide case studies and demos to help kickstart thinking on how to use VR to solve your organization’s needs. Please contact us for availability and rates.

Sample workshop outline:

Intro: What Keeps You Up At Night? Exploring the most pressing problems as a starting point.

Why VR/AR? Why Now? The tech in a nutshell + what makes today the right time to start.

Key design principles: mimic the real world, but make it better.

Case study: Accenture. The consulting firm wanted to see if VR could be used to accelerate learning outcomes for social workers. The award-winning piece has astonishing results, and we’re now building version 2.0.

Case study: DDI. Find out why one person who went through this voice-activated piece said, “that wasn’t a conversation, that was an emotional experience,” and why other users were moved to tears.

Budget breakdown: we’ll show you how to create programs that scale and pay off.

Brainstorm session: we’ll pick one problem and do a deep dive to draft some possible solutions.

Takeaways: You’ll leave with clarity about how to get started with FWH and why FWH is the the ideal partner to create a custom-designed solution for your specific needs.