Augmented and Virtual Reality are Gaining Momentum -- Don't Get Left Behind

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The moment we've been waiting for is almost here -- in two short days, the Oculus Go will finally hit the market. We had the chance to use the headset last week and were blown away by the quality and comfort, and the fact that it is all-in-one and priced at under $200 means that it was likely see quick adoption. Add to this the explosion of AR content hitting apps almost daily, and it seems like we're finally at the point where having a mixed reality strategy is becoming a necessity. 

For many, mixed reality is still a confusing topic, and that's why we are here to help. Friends With Holograms offers half, full, and multi-day strategy and ideation sessions, where we sit with your team to figure all of this out. We've already worked with companies like Verizon and Unity and agencies like Pace and McCann, and would love to add you to our growing list. The last thing you want is to be left behind as new tech starts to emerge, and we can help you be a first mover (and look brilliant in front of your bosses and clients). Visit our website to schedule a consultation today. 


This year's Tribeca Immersive festival was amazing top-to-bottom -- all of the experiences we tried were fantastic, and there was a real range and depth that we hadn't seen before. It was hard to pick a favorite, but we finally had to go with Lambchild Superstar: Making Music in the Menagerie of the Holy Cow, which really wins on name alone. The project is a collaboration between Chris Milk and Damian Kulash of OK Go, and allows users to create music by interacting with barnyard animals. And yes, some of the animals are more equal than others, at least in terms of the sounds they make. Cortney presented with Damian last December and he talked about using the project to make music creation accessible to everyone, and this certainly accomplishes that task. If you looking for something life-affirming for an activation in the near future, this should do the trick. 


We're hitting the road and heading to the west coast for much of May and June. We'll be taking meetings in Portland May 21-25, then going to the Bay Area for more meetings and a speaking slot at Augmented World Expo on June 1. We'll also be speaking at InfoComm on June 6, in LA June 7th for a special workshop with one of our partners, and in Austin June 15 for some client demos. If you're in any of those cities, feel free to ping us, and we're always glad to meet folks in our homebase of NYC as well.